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The miniQube from Qube Waste Solutions impacts People, Planet and Profit

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

The revolutionary miniQube from QWS has positive impacts on People, Planet and Profit so it can impact your business and your customers in many ways.

For more information on how we impact each of these areas see the specifics that follow.

Impact on People:

  • The miniQube allows users to have compaction in tight areas.

  • The miniQube only requires 110V 20amp circuit to operate.

  • The miniQube's lid is redesigned for ease of use.

  • The lid locks for the users safety and to keep undesirables out of the trash when it is not in use.

  • The miniQube is easy to use, utilizes quick disconnect hydraulic lines and it's easy to install.

Impact on the Planet:

  • Up to 66% reduction in pick ups required to service the customer compared to regular containers.

  • Reduction in truck routes, the miniQube adds compaction where it was previously unavailable.

  • Sealed compaction cambor is more sanitary than open top dumpsters.

  • Less wear and tear on the roads due to fewer visits by a garbage truck.

  • Customers can gain square footage switching from multiple containers to one miniQube compactor.

Impact on Profit: