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Qube Products Facilitate Sustainability... the Following Ways:

MiniQube Container Compactor - Sustainability
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Solving Urban Refuse Challenges

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Fewer Service Trips


Traditional - Three times a week service

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3 times a week service creates 300%  of the carbon footprint. 3 times the service required means 300% more time the heavy refuse equipment spends on the customers property causing damage to streets and refuse collection areas.

The miniQube - Once a week service

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The miniQube holds as much refuse as three 6-yard dumpsters.  An account that is serviced 3 times a week will only require one trip a week while utilizing the miniQube.  This reduces impact on the environment, the customer, and the community.


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Greater Planet Sensitivity
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The Qube Products offer compaction in areas that were previously inaccessible while

significantly lowering the carbon footprint of refuse collection.


In addition, they:

  • Are Quiet

  • Reduce street congestion  

  • Reduce road and pavement damage

  • Are right sized


Reduced Environmental Impact


50% of self-contained roll off loads can be serviced by the Qube Trailer and an account that is currently serviced three times a week will require only one trip a week when utilizing the miniQube or the Qube Trailer. 

Less Traffic results in:

  • Lower carbon footprint

  • Lower impact on community and customer streets

  • Less noise

  • Less congestion

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Increased Sustainability
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  • The miniQube is picked up by a front end loader garbage truck.

  • The new lid design is easy to open and close, while remaining more durable than standard lids reducing damage taken during the dumping process.

  • The Qube products have locked lids and hoppers to keep pests and vermin out of the refuse.

  • The miniQube boasts a compaction ratio of 3:1 allowing fewer trips per week to service a customer.


Improved Cleanliness
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  • The Qube products come with sealed and locked lids keeping unwanted rodents, humans, and pests from accessing the contents.

  • The tarper cover closes automatically after each cycle.

  • The miniQube's lid is easier to use and automatically locks when not in use to stop illegal dumping, picking and unintentional access to the contents.

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