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The miniQube Compactor Container

isometric view of miniQube Container Compactor

The miniQube is a compaction dumpster which allows customers to reduce their trash service events by at least two thirds with no increase in costs.

miniQube Container Compactor

Why the miniQube?

Tight Spots Multiple Carts Vs One miniQube Image

Tight urban areas can replace multiple containers with one miniQube to save space, money, roads and the environment.

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Key Benefits of the miniQube

Holds 3x More Picture modified - miniQub

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  • Innovative Raised Blade Compaction Technology

  • Loads easier (56" vs 72" lid pivot)

  • Holds +3X more

  • Empties without lid damage

Solving Urban Refuse Challenges

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Planet Icon Image
  • The miniQube allows for users to have compaction in tight areas.
  • The miniQube only requires 110V 20amp circuit to operate.
  • The miniQube's lid is redesigned for ease of use.
  • The lid locks for the users safety and to keep undesirables out of the trash while it is not in use.
  • Easy to use, utilizes quick disconnect hydraulic lines.
  • Easy to install.
Planet Icon Image
  • Up to 66% reduction in pick ups required to service the customer compared to regular containers.
  • Reduction in truck routes, the miniQube adds compaction where it was previously unavailable.
  • Sealed compaction cambor is more sanitary than open top dumpsters.
  • Less wear and tear on the roads due to fewer visits by a garbage truck.
  • Customers can gain square footage switching from multiple containers to one miniQube compactor.
Profit Icon Image
  • 1/2 the cost compared to current small space compactors.
  • The reduction of garbage pick ups is revenue for the customer.
  • The miniQube doubles the productivity of a FEL garbage truck by picking up more volume of payload in one visit.


Past - Present

Dumpster Collection is Inefficient Image

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Our Solution is Triple Bottom Line Image

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miniQube Compactor Container Heading

Everyone wants a cleaner waste area

Screenshot_2020-07-06 Cleaner Waste Area

The solution is easy with the miniQube
- compaction at 110 volts

miniQube Blade Retracted Image
miniQube Blade Extended Image

Blade retracted

Blade extended

The miniQube reduces trash volume - compaction ratio 4:1
It even has hands-free automatic locking lids!

The miniQube Image
miniQube Hinge and Lid Image

and our modified hinge and lid make it easy to use


miniQube Container Compactor front view loaded
MiniQube Container Compactor Top Down
Features and Benefits Current Brochure C
Inverted Quad Image for Video

The miniQube compacts its contents using our patented Raised Blade Technology.


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