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Introducing the miniQube Compactor Container

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We build custom compaction containers to solve urban refuse challenges

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The miniQube

A compaction dumpster which allows customers to reduce their trash service events by at least two thirds with no increase in costs.


Our Story

Qube Waste Solutions is a small team of dedicated refuse professionals from central and northern Ohio that has over 100 years of experience in both sides of the waste Industry; hauling and manufacturing.

​We have had the privilege of meeting with property management industry leaders to listen to and discuss their refuse issues and concerns.  

Once the challenges were understood, our team imagined, developed and tested The Qube Trailer and the miniQube and we are now servicing customers around Central Ohio who were previously denied on site compaction due to spatial limitations.​

Our Services

Qube Waste Solutions will be able to come up with a personalized waste disposal plan.  We supply on site compaction, or a more affordable garbage collection solution.  

Our Customers

We have been fortunate enough to serve in the Columbus area.  Professional references are available upon request.

Our Testimonials

"If you have a small challenging arrangement for a compactor... Chris is your guy.  He will build your very own compactor to meet the challenges of your facility (as he did mine – ultimately reducing my monthly cost by over $1,000)."


The miniQube compacts its contents using our patented Raised Blade Technology.



Qube Waste

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